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Post Info TOPIC: Once again, We Hear it from JHJ!

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Once again, We Hear it from JHJ!

Hi All On July 4th, 2008 JHJTH News has an honor to participate in the exclusive interview with Jo Hyun Jae (JHJ). The venue was at 17th Floor of Baiyok Sky Hotel starting from 11 am. The event was participated by representatives from both TV and print media as well as young and old fan club. JHJ arrived at the venue around 11 am in purple blue shirt, beige slack and sport jacket. The fans waiting in front of the room could not help but scream out loud. Not to waste any more time, let's hear what he has to say to the fans and the media. JHJTH News: Is this your first time in Thailand? What do you know about Thailand? HyunJae: This is my first time in Thailand. I've heard it is a nice and tourist-friendly place. JHJTH News: Only You and Seodongyo are very popular in Thailand. Do you have anything to say to the fans HyunJae: I'm surprised that Thai audience are able to connect to Korean drama. I really appreciate all the fans. JHJTH News: Your break-through role is Andrew in Love Letter.... HyunJae: In Love Letter, I played Andrea, not Andrew *(translator's note: Thai version used Andrew therefore the Thai audience are familiar with that name) JHJTH News: What is your feeling towards Love Letter since it is your break-through role HyunJae: Love Letter was the first drama that I portrayed the lead role. Before that I played many supporting roles. Therefore, the drama is very meaningful to me. Also the _script_ writer, Oh Soo Yeon, is very famous. I was very excited to get this role. I was so eager to play Andrea. Even though it was a sad story but I love it the most. JHJTH News: A question on 3 Daddies & 1 Mommy that has just finished airing in Korea. How do your fan react to your new comedy role? How do you rate yourself in the comedy role? Do you think Thai fans will have a chance to see it? HyunJae: My past performance are all related to love or tragedy but 3 Daddies & 1 Mommy is a comedy. A baby is also in the main cast. She is very cute. My character is sort of funny. I have to co-star with a baby, thus, it is a bit different than others. JHJTH News: Are you interested in other entertainment jobs such as Director, Producer or _script_ writer? HyunJae: Since I have become an actor. I have never wanted to be anything else. If I were not an actor, I would probably stay at home doing nothing. (Members of the press laughed) I really love being an actor and want to dedicate myself wholeheartedly. JHJTH News: Before being a big star like today, we heard you have to fight your way to stardom. What have you learned along the way? HyunJae: I was 20 the first time I debuted in the entertainment business. I started off doing a commercial spot. At that time I dont know much about acting and was very nervous. Today when I look back, I found it was quite amusing. Each and every role despite being big or small, I think they are all meaningful to me. After having more experience, I believe I have improved though not 100% satisfactory but I will try harder. JHJTH News: You like a girl with beautiful eyes and always smiling. Would a Thai girl fall into your category? HyunJae: You are right I like a girl with beautiful eyes and always has a smile on her face. I think Thai girls are like that because from the moment I arrived at the airport I only met people who smiled to me. I really like that. JHJTH News: From all the dramas you were in, which leading lady is closest to your dream girl? HyunJae: I cannot choose any particular one. Because every time I portray a role I have to tell myself I really love her (the leading lady), therefore I truly love each and every one of them. JHJTH News: In your latest movie GP506, how is your role different from a warm-heart perfect guy you always portrays. HyunJae: The movie is very interesting because there is not a single woman. All characters are military men. I play the head of the platoon. My role is much more masculine. It is a mystery thriller. JHJTH News: After over 10 dramas during 10 years in show biz, which role is most memorable and which character is closest to JHJ HyunJae: I believe there is only one Jo Hyun Jae in this world. Thus, there is no character that is 100% similar to JHJ. Maybe bit and pieces of each character. Jo Hyun Jae is not that sensitive and not that strong. Andrea in Love Letter has a part of Jo Hyun Jae as well. JHJTH News: If you'd like to get to know a Thai girl what would you do? HyunJae: Um&(a long silence)&..Maybe Sawasdee Krub JHJTH News: You have brought with you some personal belongings for charity auction. HyunJae: They are special because they are things that I have personally used before. I'd like everyone to think of the elderly who will receive the donation much more that the fact that they are my personal things. I brought caps, necklaces, and others. Apart from this, there will be a bag given to all fan club. I'd like everyone to use it instead of plastic bags to help with global warming. JHJTH News: Last question, you have played so many different roles drama, action, period, thriller, comedy. What is your preferred next role? HyunJae: When I choose the role I won't look at the character. I would rather look at the whole story line. I'd like to play something new that I have not done before. The last part, the organizer allows the media to ask additional 3 questions JHJTH News: As a tourist ambassador, where would you recommend Thai fans to visit in Korea? HyunJae: If you like Seodongyo, you should consider visit Insookso (not sure of the name, sorry). It is a historical place. JHJTH News: As the idol to many fans, what would you say to someone in despair. And how do you put yourself through in the hard times. HyunJae: I don't think of myself as and idol star. I do not take things too seriously. I tend to forget things easily. When I am stressed out, I would exercise or invite friends to my house and have a talk. JHJTH News: Many Thai fans sending love to you. What do you have to say to them? HyunJae: I'd like to say thank you so much for loving Korean dramas and loving me. I heard that Thai fans have done charity works using my name on many occasions. I really appreciate it and feel so honored. If there is a chance, I'd like to come back and visit Thai fan club once again. After that the media is free to take pictures of JHJ. He is very nice, no matter who called out his name, he would try to look at that camera. Photographers have asked him to smile, he would give them the sweetest smile (though a bit shy). JHJ has shown his sincerity to the fans once again with straight-forward answers. He has truly won the hearts of Thai fans and the media with his politeness and charisma. Translation: gig (johyunjaethailand.com)credits at http://hjtalk.multiply.com

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